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hunny bunny

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July 14th, 2007

10:07 am: Today I just received an email from Death.

Haha, it was spam for love pills or something rediculous. I found it funny.

Today I feel like crap x

Current Mood: amusedamused

July 13th, 2007

12:51 pm: Recent events
I'm bored in work, thought I might as well do something productive so here's an update!

Last Thursday Joni held a Ann Summers party which was totally hilarious. End of the night I was very drunk and had spent around 50 pounds on Ann Summer merchandise... Whoops!

After that I headed to the ArtSchool with Rachell and Yvonne. Was pretty funny although I was really drunk.

At the weekend, Derek and I played cards till about 6am, the loser had to do forfeits (mostly involving putting makeup badly).

Went to see the Fast and the Furious- Tokyo Drift, which was amusing if not anything else.

Tuesday went to see Over the Hedge with Joni and Dan, was very funny.


This weekend, Derek and I are going to stay in a hotel in Rothsay. It looks very pretty and I'm getting excited..

Tonight I fear I may end up drunk and in the ArtSchool ? Yes probably..

x x x

Current Location: Work
Current Mood: creativecreative

April 7th, 2007

12:07 pm: Today I feel like shit..

I want to go home from work so badly, but at least I've got peace and quiet.

Made the mistake of going to Campus last night - was a good laugh. Derek's mental friends were there and I had fun laughing too much. That was probably due to large consumptions of vodka Red Bull on reflection. I don't know why I insist on drinking that - it makes you feel sooooooo rough in the morning.

*grumble grumble* ...

Current Mood: groggygroggy

February 22nd, 2007

01:17 pm: Still happy :D yus

Okay recent events:

Friday : Go Team Gig at the Barrowlands with Russ - was great had fun

Saturday : Cinema with Derek - was also great - we bought 17 pounds worth of pick and mix together... This is bad! Went to see Fun with Dick and Jane (unsure if it was actually funny or if I was just out of my face on sugar?)

Currently, I am moving offices - It has been a mental few months packing, and deciding whether or not to keep things. New office is brand new and really modern and funky (which means that everything will break or not work, if it is anything like my flat) Tomorrow is the big move, and I have nothing on my desk except a pencil, some paper and a computer. I have sent everything away to the new office, and I keep needing things that aren't here! total nightmare!

It's my Birthday next week - need to get some nights out / parties planned I think!

February 17th, 2007

02:26 pm: I'm so happy for no reson today :D

Current Mood: happyhappy

February 10th, 2007

12:43 pm: God I feel like shit!

Soooooo hungover, woke up and I was still drunk. YUCK!

Made a pure arse out of myself last night. Me and Kerrie got too drunk and poor Derek had a mega task of trying to get us both home and we couldn't walk. I don't remember much, but when I do start to remember, I wish I hadn't. I kept falling down on the street and Kerrie poured water all over me so I soaked her back. Oh god... Just lucky that Derek was lovely and got us home all safe.


I'm not drinking for a very very long time now...

Kerrie just told me that she tried to steal Binto.. Hehehe

I'm going to the sneek a quick nap in work now

Current Mood: distresseddistressed

February 7th, 2007

12:20 pm: I'm like so mega tired today!

Last night I went to Bar Bloc to see Dan's band. Was quite entertaining although I should have been catching up on my sleep!

Life in general is slowly picking up, more positives than negatives which is always good. Kinda feel like I've stopped being an anti social bum anyways.

Some things remain a problem however hmm...

Tonight I think I might just plan a holiday to cheer myself up.

Joni you up for it ? :p

x x x

Current Mood: devious

January 30th, 2007

12:11 pm: Matt has left for New Zealand (so jealous). We had a surprise party for him. We took him out for dinner while Joni let people in, was quite a fun night.

Can't really remember much that I have done lately, and I really should update this with more important things that have been going on such as the death of my grampa.

This year has been full of change already, and it has only just begun. I guess that's what you want from a new year and a fresh start.

Various events have included:

Faith's Birthday Party -

Dan stole many items from her kitchen including: pizza knife, a red pepper, a bottle of coke, a packet of crisps, cheesy pasta, a block of cheese

Joni and I burst Faith's sofa by accident

Stuart trashed her kitchen and linked up all the furniture with a bandage. I've heard that she is not pleased whoops ...

Random night's out -

Lloyds/the Garage with Derek, Kerrie and Ann

A few nights in Sleepless watching all the drunken people

A few cinema visits

Joni passed her driving test - Well Done! *

That's all I can think of for now.


Current Mood: contentcontent

January 2nd, 2007

11:48 pm: Happy New Year 2006
Happy New Year - According to my journal it is 2007 which uis wrong unless I've just been asleep for a whole year.

Problems have got worse, but they have to get worse to get better.
Can't be fucked dealing with certain issues again. AAAAAAAAAAARrrrrrrrrrgh

Go away please just go away!!

Anyways Christmas was nice family affair although going to the hospital on Christmas Day can never be nice.

NewYear was nice, some parts more than others.

Someone I know is amazing :)

x x x x x

Current Mood: restlessrestless

December 19th, 2006

11:24 am: This morning my breakfast looked/tasted somewhat like a cross between papermashe and wall-paper paste.


Just thought you might wanna know...

Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

December 7th, 2006

12:30 pm: Me...

I seem to be sorting my life out. Getting rid of all my problems and everything that hurt me. Finally quit working at the Sports Cafe - just couldn't take it anymore. I have 13 hours left of my notice period and I'll be free. I'm really happy with everything else - things are alot easier than they have ever been. Didn't think it would be this easy... funny how things turn out. Wish I had sorted somethings out sooner than I did, could have saved alot of time and tears.

Just glad things are all done now and I can start again :)

x x x

Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

November 24th, 2006

01:08 pm: Today at lunch time, the two guys from Chewin' the Fat sat beside me in O'Briens.. Oh My x

Current Mood: crazycrazy
10:21 am: This morning, I am actually eating gruel.. yummy x

November 21st, 2006

12:46 pm: My journal is so full of alot of shit x

November 6th, 2006

12:39 pm: Just a quick update. Not really being doing much these days 'cuz I've been ill. Just enjoying the peace and quiet. Never really been a person that enjoys being alone until recently. If I'm just by myself then nobody can annoy me or question me. Sometimes I wish I could just hide under my duvet and not come out or run away to a different country where nobody knows my name. If only life would be that easy.

I think I just need a long holiday....

Saw lots of pretty fireworks at Glasgow Green - really shouldn't have went out into the cold 'cuz it just made me feel worse. Seen various films - Saw2 and Lord of War. Was Russ's birthday - can't say that was a particularly easy night to get through. *sigh*

Having a hectic week - working about 60 huors in total - no days off either :( Really have to quit the Sports Cafe before I kill myself.

I really just miss chilling out with my friends. I feel like I haven't seen anyone for ages and it makes me sad. I just want things to go back to the way they used to be...

October 11th, 2006

11:19 am: I'm soooooo confused about alot of things right now.

My head feels like it might exploooode. I need to get away from things in Glasgow for even a few days.. I just don't know where to go!!



Current Mood: confusedconfused

September 6th, 2006

01:11 pm: Not updated for a long while..

Well I'm still really happy although I'm working like crazy as I have another new office job. I like it though so that's ok.

I'm still lovin my flat, it's my favourite place to be, especially in my bed!

Had a Sports Cafe party last night which was soooooooooo much fun, managers got totally wasted and declared a free bar for an hour so we all got about 10 really expensive drinks. hehe.

Unfortuntly, I seem to be ending up in the Garage at least once a week with the Sports Cafe maddies. I've made so many friends there that I end up having fun anyways.

Been on holiday to greece with my mum since the last update.. Can't think of much else really.

I will try to keep this updated, I will!

x x x x

Current Mood: happyhappy

June 9th, 2006

09:55 pm: Isn't life just so much simpler when things just work..
I'm so happy these days, things are just working out so amazingly well.

I have a new job in Sports Cafe which is good fun, moving to an amazing flat in the City Centre with Dan and Matt next week and things between Russ and I are perfect.

I like being happy :)New starts, new era in my life.

Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic

April 26th, 2006

01:08 pm: I feel a rather large entry coming on...

Friday was my day off so I met up with Karen in Suburbia. We were there from 4pm till 10:30 before we decided to head back into Glasgow with Susan and her bf. We paid 8 quid to get into the SubClub which was quite good till we got chucked out by the bouncers cuz Susan's silly bf decided to roll a joint.
So off we went to Cube, saw a massive fight between bouncers and these 4 guys, blood was flying everywhere and people we being flung into moving cars.The bouncer gave me a free pass which was great! Stayed for 10 minutes cuz Susan didn't like hiphop (rolls eyes).
Karen and I walked behind Susan who went mental and started attacking her bf, not a very nice night. Taxied it home having been in 2 clubs and was home for 1am.

Saturday however was great fun!
Played pool with Dan and Keith during the day and randomly sat on my ass for most of the time.
At night Keith and I went to Stuart's housewarming party. Had a great time, drinking random alcohol and chatting away. Sat with Tam, Lee, Rach and Phil for most of the night and got very stonned cuz I took like 20 buckets. Sat giggling and talking rubbish for most of the night. Fun was had and I got home at 5am.

Yesterday the flatmates and I went to see Beautyshop and ate some food in Europa. Matt came over later on and gave us presents of CreamEggs and we watched MeanGirls for what must have been the 40th time! Still great though!

Miss Russ very much, never realised how much I need him till he's not around :(

Kat gave us the surprise news that she's moving back home which is rubbish and I got rejected from the job I really really wanted.

So I feel abit crap today.

Tonight, I dunno what am doing, but it better be good!

bye bye x

Current Mood: sadsad

April 19th, 2006

02:43 pm: Mmmmm
Last night was soo nice, Russ came down to my flat and stayed over night. Had such a good time, I feel all happy inside. hehe. We had yummy strawberries and cream hehe. Just as well I booked a half day off work today because we didn't get up till 11am. oooh. He's leaving for Holland on Thursday tho to help his family move only for a week so that isn't sooooo bad.

Flat mates back at somepoint tomoro YAY! I have missed their company.

Tonight I plan on doing nothing, and it's gunna be great!

Random entry x

Current Mood: happyhappy
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