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hunny bunny

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12:51 pm: Recent events
I'm bored in work, thought I might as well do something productive so here's an update!

Last Thursday Joni held a Ann Summers party which was totally hilarious. End of the night I was very drunk and had spent around 50 pounds on Ann Summer merchandise... Whoops!

After that I headed to the ArtSchool with Rachell and Yvonne. Was pretty funny although I was really drunk.

At the weekend, Derek and I played cards till about 6am, the loser had to do forfeits (mostly involving putting makeup badly).

Went to see the Fast and the Furious- Tokyo Drift, which was amusing if not anything else.

Tuesday went to see Over the Hedge with Joni and Dan, was very funny.


This weekend, Derek and I are going to stay in a hotel in Rothsay. It looks very pretty and I'm getting excited..

Tonight I fear I may end up drunk and in the ArtSchool ? Yes probably..

x x x

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